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Successful recruitment should be planned early on, especially when a research infrastructure starts its transition into operations. Established procedures and policies, such as recruitment strategy and policy, equal opportunities policy, and announcement policy, support ERIC’s recruitment strategies and practices. Learn more on the Recruitment page.

The landscape of ERICs is diverse ranging from small distributed ERICs with no more than 10 employees, to large single-sited ERICs with more than 200 employees. Since most ERICs historically have been spin-offs from national research institutes and organizations funded by countries, ERICs face completely different employment challenges than, for example, newly founded companies in the private sector. Learn more on the Employment and Secondment page.


Well planned recruitment and communication strategies , together with an adequate selection of announcement channels, help an ERIC to gain more visibility in its field and attract highly qualified candidates especially outside of its specific scientific networks.


Recruitment procedure – four steps
 Step 1 – Preparing the recruitment: analysis of the needs, drafting of the job description, defining internal responsibilities.
 Step 2 – Finding the right candidates: job announcement and active search (advertisement strategy – national and international channels) for candidates, possible outsourcing.
 Step 3 – Selecting the applicants: initial screening and interview planning.
 Step 4 – Onboarding the final applicant: contracting and integration.


Equal- and diversity policies can be implemented, for example, by giving preference and actively encouraging young female talents and candidates with disabilities to apply for open positions. Commitment on equal opportunities should be mentioned in the vacancy announcement.


Most of the personnel working at the ERIC are directly employed, but there are different employment situations where seconded personnel are used. During the founding phase of an ERIC, personnel are often seconded by the local hosting institution.

Employment and secondment

ERICs may also consider offering attractive employment benefits as part of employment packages. Fringe benefits, such as training opportunities, private pension schemes or extra holiday days, may help ERICs to attract and retain qualified personnel.

Employment and secondment


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