Project Deliverables


WP 1. Coordination and Project Management (Led by: BBMRI-ERIC)add

D1.1 Setup of all project management bodies – (BBMRI) 
D1.2 Reports of the EAB meeting – 1 (BBMRI)
D1.3 Reports of the EAB meeting – 2 (BBMRI)
D1.4 Reports of the EAB meeting – 3 (BBMRI)
D1.5 Data Management Plan – (BBMRI)

WP 2. ERIC Forum governance model (Led by: SHARE-ERIC)add

D2.1 Final Draft proposal for a governance model for the ERIC Forum (SHARE)     Read it here.
D2.2 Report on assessment of that governance model (SHARE)

WP 3. Operations, Administration, HR and Finance of ERICs (led by: EATRIS-ERIC)add

D3.1 Guidance document on GAAP for ERICs (EMSO)
D3.2 Report and recommendations on VAT exemption in the ERIC legislation (EURO-ARGO)
D3.3 Best practices guidelines in employment and secondment for ERICs (EU OpenScreen)
D3.4 Report on practices and challenges in recruitment for distributed ERICs (EATRIS)
D3.5 Report on quality management and reproducibility in academic research (EATRIS)
D3.6 Best practices guidance document on contracting, insurance and intellectual property for ERICs (European Spallation Source)

WP 4. Evaluation and Impact Assessment (Led by: European Spallation Source-ERIC)add

D4.1 Report on proposed approach and dashboard for common ERIC KPIs (European Spallation Source)
D4.2 Report on the best scientific evaluation practices for pan- European RIs (ECRIN)
D4.3 Report on SEI ERIC Framework (ICOS)
D4.4 Report and proposal for model sustainability business plan for ERICs (EMBRC)
D4.5 Report on harmonizing the presentation of ERIC Activity Reports for impact assessment section (INSTRUCT)

WP 5. Communication and dissemination (Led by: CERIC-ERIC)add

D5.1 ERIC Forum’s Communication Strategy (CERIC)
D5.2 ERIC Forum’s Communication and Dissemination Plan (CERIC)
D5.3 ERIC Forum website (CERIC)
D5.4 ERIC Forum’s repository for internal communications (ICOS)
D5.5 Online toolbox publication (ICOS)
D5.6 Dissemination and Outreach Activities (CERIC)

WP 6. Role of ERICs in European science policy and research strategy (Led by: ECRIN-ERIC)add

D6.1 Definition of priorities for the next ERIC FORUM seminars and policy report – 1 (ECRIN)
D6.2 Definition of priorities for the next ERIC FORUM seminars and policy report – 2 (ECRIN)
D6.3 Definition of priorities for the next ERIC FORUM seminars and policy report – 3 (ECRIN)
D6.4 Draft science policy report – 1 (ECRIN) Read it here.
D6.5 Draft science policy report – 2 (ECRIN)
D6.6 Draft science policy report – 3 (ECRIN)
D6.7 Final science policy report – 1 (ECRIN)
D6.8 Final science policy report – 2 (ECRIN)
D6.9 Final science policy report – 3 (ECRIN)
D6.10 Final technical & innovation policy report – 1 (LifeWatch)
D6.11 Final technical & innovation policy report – 2 (LifeWatch)
D6.12 Final technical & innovation policy report – 3 (LifeWatch)
D6.13 Annual ERIC Forum meeting – 1 (LifeWatch) Read it here.
D6.14 Annual ERIC Forum meeting – 2 (LifeWatch)
D6.15 Annual ERIC Forum meeting – 3 (LifeWatch)

WP 7. Ethics requirements (Led by: BBMRI-ERIC)add

D7.1 H – Requirement No. 1 (BBMRI)
D7.2 POPD – Requirement No. 2 (BBMRI)

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