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About the ERIC Forum

The ERIC Regulation

The community legal framework for a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) is a specific legal form to facilitate the establishment and operation of research infrastructures with European interest. Among others, it provides a legal capacity recognised in all EU Member States, a faster process than creating an international organisation, and exemptions from VAT and excise duty.
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Who are we

During the past years, the European Commission (EC) and the ERICs met twice a year to address and discuss issues in the implementation of the ERIC regulation. ERICs exchanged during these meetings commonly shared challenges in fields ranging from human resources management, procurement, VAT and excises exemption implementation, in-kind contributions, as well as the socio-economic impact of ERICs, performance monitoring and more.

Aware of the constant enlargement of the community, the existing ERICs formed in 2017 the ERIC Forum in order to further strengthen the coordination among ERICs and interact effectively with the EC to achieve the full implementation of the ERIC regulation.
The ERIC Forum now groups 23 established ERICs.


The ERIC Forum’s aim is to advance operations of ERICs and to strategically contribute to the development of ERIC related policies.

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