About the Second Implementation Project

The Second Implementation Project for the ERIC Forum

The Second Implementation Project


The Second Implementation Project for the ERIC Forum is born to further structure the cooperation between the ERICs and to support the implementation of the ERICs’ policy, shaping their community identity and consolidating their integration within the European Research Area (ERA). It officially started on the 1st of September, 2023, thanks to funds from the Horizon Europe Action.


The main objectives of the Project are

  • Provide updated data and information on the ERICs to demonstrate their outcomes, impacts, and importance in the ERA.
  • Develop shared practices, regulations, and services to improve ERICs’ sustainability and ensure compatibility with European political priorities.
  • Strengthen coordination and networking between the ERICs, supporting ERICs-in-preparation.
  • Ensure that ERICs have an adequate representation on the European stage, a unified voice to speak with, and strong links with society, economy, and competitiveness.

Over the next four years, specific working groups will meet to identify shared practices in managing back-office resources, employment contracts, VAT exemptions, or rules for multi-sited or distributed ERICs. The Project will comply with the European Commission’s open science obligations set out by Horizon Europe and ensure an appropriate sex and gender balance.

Project Scope and Vision


In continuity with the first edition of the project, the ERIC Forum 2 aims to strengthen the coordination within the ERIC community and enhance collaboration between partners. The strategic approach of the ERIC Forum will contribute to addressing critical challenges, developing best practices, and framing the necessary knowledge to support ERICs-to-be with various aspects. Moreover, this will contribute to building the brand identity of ERICs as an essential body and stakeholder in consultation with related policy action.