Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Data collection, storage, protection, retention and destruction

ERIC Forum Implementation Project’s partners are aware of the need to protect the personal data collected during the project, to guarantee the ethics in publishing results and in general to protect the rights of individuals. All the aspects set out below are included in the guidelines published on the website:

The project complies with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

The project coordinator, BBMRI-ERIC, supervises the ethical issues of the project. BBMRI-ERIC centralises data collection and storage during the lifetime of the project. As the project is a Coordination and Support Action, no major ethical issues are foreseen.

If any unforeseen ethical issues arise during the project, the coordinator will consult with the ethics specialists within BBMRI-ERIC.

Informed consent is used to collected data from project partners and relevant stakeholders (EU officials, Member States delegates etc).

The ERIC Forum does not collect and/or process personal sensitive data (i.e., ethnicity, political opinions, religion, health, finances, etc.), since obtaining such type of data does not contribute to achieve the project aims and objectives.

In the specific case of social media analysis, the ERIC Forum does not gather private personal information, including personal sensitive data, or using secretive methods to gain access to social media data. The ERIC Forum access content that audience members choose to make public, either on the performance groups’ webpages or on Twitter. In sum, the ERIC Forum is not trying to get information that people are keeping, or trying to keep, private. The consortium treats any personal information connected to the audience response data with a high level of consideration, courtesy, privacy and ethical practice.

Data will be retained for a period of 5 years after the project ends, but the consortium will take measures to enable for third parties to access and disseminate the deliverables at the end of the project according to the Data Management Plan.    

Complementary with the data management plan

The ethical guidelines described in this document have been included in a Data Management Plan elaborated by the coordinator (Deliverable 1.5).

The Data Management Plan details what type of data the ERIC Forum project generates, whether and how it will be exploited or made accessible for verification and re-use, and how it will be storage and preserved.

The coordinator will share this document and the Data Management Plan with all partners to guide them on how to accomplish the legal and ethical requirements regarding data collection, storage, protection, retention and destruction, as well as with their responsibilities regarding research data quality, sharing and security.

Templates of the informed consent/assent forms and information sheets.

The following informed consent form/information sheet has been used by the project to collect and store personal information from the project partners and stakeholders (name, email, function within own organization).

No other data will be generated or analysed.

In conformance with GDPR regulation, we would like to kindly ask for your consent to: – keep your contact information (full name, email address) in the project’s internal and external communication platforms (SharePoint, ERIC Forum website), – and to use them for the mailing groups presented to you during the Kick off meeting, which will be used to keep you informed about the projects’ activities and for a better interaction among different work packages.

For that, please reply to this email with: I hereby give my consent to store and use my contact information as mentioned.

If you have questions or objections to this, please let us know.