Work Packages & Tasks


The project is composed of 7 different thematic work packages, each focusing on a specific area. Click below to read more about each work package and the related tasks.

WP 1. Coordination and Project Management (Lead by: BBMRI-ERIC)add

WP 1 coordinates and supervises all processes of the project.  It is responsible for reporting to the EU, and coordinates and supervises all contract negotiations. In particular, WP1 organises the annual general meetings, the meetings and teleconferences of the Management Team, and External Advisory Board meetings. It prepares documents for and reports of these meetings. Furthermore, it coordinates the activities of the project with that of other external projects and takes care of proper integration of the project in the global context.

Task 1.1 Work Package management (BBMRI)
Task 1.2 Internal Project Governance (BBMRI)

WP 2. ERIC Forum governance model (Lead by: SHARE-ERIC)add

WP 2 is responsible for developing and proposing a suitable governance model, that fulfils the needs of the ERIC Forum and can be accepted by all the participants (ERICs). To reach that goal WP 2 will prepare a proposal for a governance model (possibly: statutes) to be adopted by the Forum. At a later stage amendments/adaption might be necessary.

WP 3. Operations, Administration, HR and Finance of ERICs (lead by: EATRIS-ERIC)add

 WP3 focuses on benchmarking and exchange of best practices, both from within and outside the ERIC community, so that current and future ERICs can benefit from the Forum’s existence. The practices evaluated in this WP cover financial management (accounting practices, procurement policies and use of VAT exemption), operational management (recruitment practices, secondment, in-kind contributions), quality management systems and insurance policies.
Through a variety of surveying, desk research and workshops, best practices will be assembled and disseminated to the forum and beyond.

Task 3.1 Budgeting and financial reporting principles (EMSO)
Task 3.2 Procurement rules, VAT exemption practices and economic activities (CERIC)
– Subtask 3.2.1 State-of-the-art of good purchases Procurement rules for ERICs activities.
– Subtask 3.2.2 Inventory of VAT exemption practices and national interpretation of VAT exemption
Task 3.3 Employment and secondment, contributions in-kind of personnel (EU-OPENSCREEN)
Task 3.4 Recruiting procedures for distributed RIs (EATRIS)
Task 3.5 Quality systems and quality management (EATRIS)
Task 3.6 Contracting, insurance, intellectual property consequences on Rules of Procedure best practice for new ERICs. (European Social Survey)

WP 4. Evaluation and Impact Assessment (Lead by: European Spallation Source-ERIC)add

WP4 is designed to feed into the discussion and to support
the development of a standardised system for ERICs, regardless of the scientific field ERICs are active in, by achieving
the following objectives:
• Establishment of a methodology for development of individual RI performance metrics,
• Establishment of a limited set of collective reporting and self-assessment standards for ERICs,
• Contributing to the development of a standardised international approach to measuring socio-economic impact of RIs,
• Development of methods and tools that contribute to the long-term sustainability of ERICs,
• Exchange of best practice approaches for scientific evaluation.

Task 4.1 Monitoring and Development of KPIs for ERICs (ESSS)
Task 4.2 Scientific Evaluation (ECRIN)
Task 4.3 Socio-Economic Impact Assessment Practices (ICOS)
Task 4.4 Elements of Sustainability Plans (EMBRC)
Task 4.5 Harmonised Reporting – Elements of Annual Activity Reports of ERICs (INSTRUCT)

WP 5. Communication and dissemination (Lead by: CERIC-ERIC)add

WP5 goal is to support the building process of a collective identity of ERICs, through the ERIC Forum, while increasing their visibility as single entities, by means of internal communication within the ERIC Forum, and external communications between the members of the ERIC Forum and their main stakeholders.

Task 5.1 Internal and external project’s communication (CERIC)
Task 5.2 Online Toolbox with best practices’ guidelines (ICOS)
Task 5.3 Dissemination of the ERIC Forum’s activities (CERIC)

WP 6. Role of ERICs in European science policy and research strategy (Lead by: ECRIN-ERIC)add

WP 6 objective is to prepare and organize regular ERIC FORUM seminar discussions where national, European and international science policymakers, funding agencies, ERIC governance bodies, research institutions and representatives of the research communities meet to jointly address science policy issues raised by the development of science and technology, and by the impact of ERICs on the European research ecosystem, developing synergies, avoiding gaps and overlaps.

Task 6.1 Establishing priorities and drafting annual science policy reports (ECRIN)
Task 6.2 ERICs technical & innovation multi-scale integration (LifeWatch)
Task 6.3 Annual ERIC FORUM seminars (LifeWatch)

WP 7. Ethics requirements (Lead by: BBMRI-ERIC)add

WP 7 objective is to ensure compliance with the ‘ethics requirements’ set out in this work package.