16-17 December 2020, Online

Recently, impact assessment and/or monitoring have been highlighted as an important element of long-term sustainability of research infrastructures by ESFRI, European Commission, Competitiveness Council as well as OECD. This has resulted in an adoption of a report Monitoring of Research Infrastructures Performance by ESFRI in 2019, and a focus on impact assessment and monitoring by a number of research infrastructures.

The workshop, which was held online on 16-17 December 2020, aimed at highlighting the recent developments in the field of impact assessment, scientific evaluation and monitoring of research infrastructures and is co-organized by three European Commission co/funded projects, ACCELERATE, ERIC Forum and RI-PATHS.

► The information booklet is available here

► The program is available here.

► The workshop’s presentations are available here below:

> CERIC-ERIC’s Societal Return report, Jana Kolar (CERIC-ERIC)
> ERIC Forum’s survey on KPIs, Ute Gunsenheimer (European Spallation Source ERIC)
> Societal Impact of Research Infrastructures in context, Leonie van Drooge and Isabelle van Elzakker (Rathenau Institute)
> Scientific Evaluation: ICOS-ERIC, Werner Kutsch (ICOS-ERIC)
> Scientific Evaluation: European Research Infrastructure Evaluation Consortium (ERIEC), Dany Vandromme (HCÉRES)
> Scientific Evaluation: ECRIN-ERIC experience, Christine Kubiak(ECRIN-ERIC)
> Impact at the European Social Survey ERIC, Rory Fitzgerald (ESS-ERIC)
> ACCELERATE project: Societal impact protocol approach, Leonie van Drooge (Rathenau Instituut)
> ACCELERATE protocol: ELI-DC case study, Florian Gliksohn (ELI-DC)
> ACCELERATE protocol: ESS Bilbao case study, Sira Cordón (ESS Bilbao)
> ACCELERATE protocol: FRM II case study, Jürgen Neuhaus (FRM II)
> ACCELERATE protocol: HZG-GEMS case study, Marc Thiry (HZG)
> RI-PATHS project: Modular Socio-economic impact framework, Elina Griniece (EFIS Centre)
> RI-PATHS: Elixir case study, Corinne Martin (Elixir)
> RI-PATHS: CERN case study, Irene Del Rosario (CERN)
> RI-PATHS: ALBA case study, Gaston Garcia (ALBA)
> ICOS-ERIC case study Evi-Carita Riikonen (ICOS-ERIC)

► Programme Committee:
  • Salma Baghdadi, CERIC-ERIC
  • Ornela De Giacomo, CERIC-ERIC
  • Jana Kolar, CERIC-ERIC
  • Ute Gunseheimer, European Spallation Source ERIC
  • Lenka Unge, European Spallation Source ERIC
  • Elina Griniece, EFIS Centre
  • Alasdair Reid, EFIS Centre
  • Leonie Van Drooge, Rathenau Instituut
  • Isabelle van Elzakker, Rathenau Instituut
► Organising Committee:
  • Salma Baghdadi, CERIC-ERIC
  • Ornela De Giacomo, CERIC-ERIC
  • Jana Kolar, CERIC-ERIC