06 September 2019 – Brussels, Belgium

On 6th September, a delegation of the ERIC Forum met with Mr. Adam Tyson, the Head of Unit of the Research Infrastructures unit at DG RTD (European Commission Directorate-General for Research and Innovation) to present the goals of the forum and discuss various topics ranging from the role of the ERIC Forum within the EC’s priorities & initiatives, the ERIC regulation and more. The meeting took place in Brussels at the premises of DG RTD.

Mr. Tyson showed great understanding for the panorama of the ERICs and the key issues faced with regards to the ERIC Regulation. The discussion focused mostly on the role of the ERICs in the broader panorama of EU Research and Innovation policies: The ERICs’ visibility is still sub-optimal compared to the value they have in the respective research fields, and Mr Tyson underlined the important role the Forum must play in helping decision makers understand the value of European Research Infrastructures. 


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