COVID-19 represents a great challenge for our healthcare systems. The situation and the working conditions are difficult in many places and direct patient care has the highest priority.

The next challenge will be to support those who are finding a cure for COVID-19. The document attached below contains a list of those BBMRI national nodes and biobanks that provided specific information on the resources they can make available to researchers (academic and from the private sector) working on COVID-19.

Biobanks are crucial in the run towards a COVID-19 vaccine and/or treatment. BBMRI’s network of 600+ biobanks can provide key services to researchers, such as:

  • Efficient and high-quality storage of samples in clinical and research settings;
  • Samples from healthy individuals, to be used as control (collected 2-3 months before outbreak in each country);
  • Provide guidance and standards for targeted identification, collection and conservation of important samples.

The document provides a list of available resources that researchers working against COVID-19 can access via the BBMRI-ERIC network.

BBMRI will keep the list updated with new resources whenever available.

Download the document here

For more information and questions, contact BBMRI HQ at

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