COVID-19 has a substantial impact on the operations of analytical facilities that serve external users.At the end of April 2020, only a third of the surveyed research infrastructures (RIs) reported that they maintained such user access activities; however, several had set up specific COVID-19 services and responded to travel limitations with a strong shift towards remote services. Half a year later, the pandemic is still not over, and the significant mutations of the virus observed recently indicate that COVID-19 is likely to remain endemic for the foreseeable future. RIs, as a consequence, will have to learn how to live with it to some degree, possibly for years to come.

 The paper is available also here in Zenodo platform (10.5281/zenodo.4422963).

The questionnaire and report have been set up and developed by the ERF and CERIC in the frame of its Horizon2020 project ACCELERATE, funded by the European Union Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020, grant agreement 731112.