The ERIC Forum WP5 (Communication and Dissemination) is organising a panel discussion in the frame of ESOF2022 around Research Infrastructures’ contribution to environmental sustainabilityThe event will be held online (hosted on the ESOF conference virtual platform) on 15 July from 15:45 to 17:00 CEST (in virtual online room 1), within theme n.1 ‘A sustainable environment’ as part of the ESOF2022 Programme. 


Research Infrastructures are considered one of the success stories and a major pillar of the European Research Area. Their importance is measured through the added value they bring to scientific research, and the opportunities they create by enabling access to large-scale facilities and data infrastructures to perform excellent and ground-breaking research.

Research Infrastructures in general, and ERICs (European Research Infrastructure Consortia) in particular, play a significant role in tackling societal challenges and contributing to environmental sustainability.

The ERIC Forum, which brings together more than 30 European Research Infrastructures (among which 23 are established ERICs), will organise an online session within ESOF2022 to address the topic.

Among others, the session will highlight:

1. Examples of how the research supported by the ERICs contribute to improving environmental sustainability,

2. examples of how ERICs tackle the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) addressing the environment,

3. examples of how scientific research is affected by environmental dynamics.


The session will be moderated by the ERIC Forum Chair, Francisco Colomer (Director, JIV-ERIC). The speakers are:

  • Ornela de Giacomo (Deputy Director, CERIC-ERIC)
  • Juan Miguel Gonzalez-Aranda (Chief Technology Officer, LifeWatch ERIC)
  • Jens Habermann (Director General, BBMRI-ERIC)
  • Dominik Lermen (President, ESBB)


Find here the ESOF2022 programme.