The ERIC Forum is pleased to announce the release of its third policy report ”ASSESSING THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC IMPACT OF ERICS: Paving the way towards evaluating the full value and contribution of RIs to resilient knowledge-based economies” 


The objective of this third ERIC Forum Policy Report is to bring together ERICs with their national and European stakeholders and collaborators to pave the way towards evaluating Research Infrastructures‘(RIs) full value and contribution to resilient knowledge-based economies. The ERIC Forum survey on the socio-economic impact (SEI) evaluation practices as well as perspectives from the EMBL (EIROForum) and ERIC case studies presented in this report shed some light on the methodologies adopted by the different RIs as well as the gaps and challenges faced by ERICs. ERIC and RI stakeholders at EU, MS and ESFRI level provide their insight on their expectations regarding RI SEI as well as the resources needed to best support their assessment.

 Read the 3rd policy report here

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