Grand challenges in AI and Data Science by EIROforum

Grand challenges in AI and Data Science by EIROforum
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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are pushing scientific research into new domains, providing new opportunities to answer the complex societal and economic challenges facing our societies. From understanding the universe to tracking how viruses infect humans, producing large-scale scientific research requires increasingly innovative AI and ML, both for the running of cutting-edge scientific instruments and for the complex analysis of large amounts of data.


On 28 April 2022, the EIROforum alliance of European scientific infrastructures, CERN, ESO, ESA, EMBL, ESRF, ILL, European XFEL and EUROFusion will hold a conference focusing on the grand challenges in AI and data science. Hosted at the EMBL Heidelberg, with a free live streaming option for virtual participants, the conference will include workshops and talks presenting leading data science and AI from the EIROforum members, and explore how they can contribute to scientific progress with societal and economic impact.


Conference Chair, Director of EMBL-EBI and Deputy Director General of EMBL Ewan Birney explains:  “Europe’s shared scientific infrastructures include the world’s best – from particle accelerators recreating the earliest moments of the Universe, to telescopes able to detect the earliest light in that Universe, and from research facilities unlocking the inner workings of cells to understand how life works on this planet, to satellite platforms able to examine the entire planet at macro and micro scales. As world leaders, we were quick to recognise the importance of data, analysis and artificial intelligence across all our diverse sciences, and the transformative impact these developments will have on science and on society.


This conference will bring together the leaders in the field alongside policy makers, and stimulate further discussion on how to harness our access to large-scale scientific data with artificial intelligence, and thus help Europe thrive now and in the future.”


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When & Where

  • From: 27 April 2022   00:00
  • To: 28 April 2022 00:00
  • Location: Online Event

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