RI-VIS Workshop #2 on the Communication Toolkit

RI-VIS Workshop #2 on the Communication Toolkit
| | | EMBRC Headquarters (Paris, France) |

Event Overview

A delegation of communication experts from the ERIC Forum will take part in the RI-VIS Communication Workshop #2, which will be held at the EMBRC’s headquarters in Paris on 1-2 October 2019.
The workshop will focus on the RI-VIS’ Communication toolkit for Research Infrastructures, which aims to facilitate and harmonize the communication of RIs for different target groups within Europe but also with possible partners in third-countries. 
About the RI-VIS project:
RI VIS is a Horizon 2020 funded project that aims to increase the visibility of European Research Infrastructures to new communities in Europe and beyond. 
More information about the event can be found here



When & Where

  • From: 01 October 2019   00:00
  • To: 02 October 2019 00:00
  • Location: EMBRC Headquarters (Paris, France)

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