The ERIC Forum is pleased to announce the release of its first policy brief.

This brief, entitled “Funding models for access to ERIC multinational / transnational services” focuses on the funding instruments that allow ERICs to provide access to services and to support multinational research. The recommendations put forth in this policy brief reflect the exchange of the Forum with funding bodies that took place during the ERIC Forum Policy Seminar on September 14-15. These recommendations are directed to the funding bodies at a national, regional and European level who support the operation of the ERICs and access to their services, and aim to stimulate a stronger, long-lasting dialogue and more efficient synergies between funding sources. This brief also provides insight into ERICs and other RIs for the optimal use of existing funding instruments, and for the advancement of their visibility in the research communities.

The brief presents the ERIC experience using the following funding instruments, as well as the recommendations and opportunities that lie ahead as these mechanisms evolve :

  • National funding schemes
  • ERA-NETs and EJP mechanisms
  • ERDF funds for cross-border projects and RI development
  • The ERC funding scheme
  • Horizon 2020 and Public Private Partnerships (with outlooks on Horizon Europe)
  • Transnational Access Mechanisms
  • Short term mobility and fellowships

A “one pager” has also been put together, with the main recommendations and conclusions of the policy brief. You can access it here.

Download the 1st ERIC Forum policy brief here